Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lets Build Part 3 - Building a house using the GPS command

Hello guys, welcome to my last part of the "Lets Build" serie.

In this is part, i'll show you how to make a perfect house, using the .gps command.

Enjoy the video.

I hope you found the "Lets Build" serie useful :)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lets Build Part 2 - Creating the macros and finding the spot to build

Hello guys, and welcome to part 2 of "Lets Build".

In this part i'll teach you how to create the most necessary the macros, that are needed to build a house. When we have done that, we will find the perfect spot to build a house.

Lets begin.

You will need a macro to select, delete, fly and spawn GO's.

Make those 6 macros.

.go select

.go delete

.cheat fly

.go spawn 185301 1
(the DND cage).

.go spawn 1234807 1
(the rug).

.go spawn 45616 1
(the bed).

The last 2 ain't that important, but it's nice to have them as macros for later use.

Now as you got the macros you need to build a house with, lets find a spot to build it.
You can build a few different places: In air, on land and on/under water.

If you haven't builded a house before, i suggest you build it on flat land. That's the easiest to start off with.

Now find your spot to build!

I found this place under Stormwind.

Now you have made the macros and found a nice spot to build.

The next part is the last. There i've made a video, where i'll show you how to create a house, using the GPS command!

To be continued...


Friday, July 10, 2009

Lets Build Part 1 - GO ID's

Hello guys, and welcome to part 1 of my "Lets Build" serie!

In this serie, we will talk about everything from the ID's of the GO's, making walls, making stairs and even making your own custom portal, that leads you to your house, and ofcourse much more than that!

Part 1 - GO ID's

Before you can start building houses, we need the ID for the most necessary GO's.

I've made a short list that i'll post, so you know what GO's that are used to build a house. Ofcourse there are lots of GO's you can use, but i find those useful.

For the walls, floor and roof are you going to use the DND cage.

The ID is 185301 1

Picture of the DND cage!

You are also going to need a rug, in this case, a rug from Stormwind.
(Not used to build the house, but it's nice to use inside the house).

The ID is 1234807 1

Picture of the rug:

And ofcourse, you need a bed, or do you want your character to sleep on the floor ;) ?
(Not used to build the house, but it's nice to use inside the house).

The ID is 45616 1

Picture of the bed:

Thats it for now, in part 2 i'll teach you how to make useful macros for building, and find the perfect spot to build a house!

To be continued...


Basic Commands

Hello guys!

Before i really start the building guides, you need to know the GM commands!

It's very easy to use the GM commands, this tutorial will make it easy for you.

Modify commands.

You can use those to change a lot, you can change your speed, hp, mana, stats and even your size!

There are a lot of things that you can change with this type of command.

If you want to modify something on yourself, be sure to target yourself.

Let's begin!

To modify your speed, target yourself and simply write:

.mod speed 20

(Your normal speed is 7, the speed limit is between 1-255).

Very easy!

Lets try to modify your hp! This is a little harder, but not much!

Target yourself and write:

.mod hp [The HP you have right now] [The hp you want]

example .mod hp 1000 2500

You have to do the same to modify your mana, rage, energy and stats.

To change your size, target yourself and write:

.mod scale 2

(Your normal size is 1, to go under 1, write .mod scale 0.9 or even lower)

The modify commands are easy!

Lets try the cheat commands.

Just as easy!

To fly, target yourself and write:

.cheat fly

To be unkillable, target yourself and write:

.cheat god

Easy huh?

Lets try to spawn an object.

To spawn an object we use the GO command.

But before we can spawn an object, we need an ID from the object we want to spawn.

I found the ID for the fishing chair, so i'll write this:

.go spawn 186475

(The object appears where you stand).

Now people might wonder, how i found the ID for the fishing chair!

Very simple, just write

.lookup object [the object name]

(the numbers that appear beside the object is the ID)


To delete an object, all you have to do is:

Go close to the object and write .go select

then write .go delete

If you want to scale it, do this:

go close to the object and write .go select

then write. go scale 2

(or anything else, 1 is the normal size of the object)

To spawn a NPC, you also need the ID for the NPC you want to spawn.

You can find the IDs for the NPC you want here

Just write the name of the NPC you want, and copy the last numbers from your browser. Thats the ID of the NPC


When you found the ID for the npc you want to spawn simply write:

.npc spawn 21454

How do i save my objects and npcs?

Easy just write 1 after the ID

Example .go spawn 15961 1
Example .npc spawn 21454 1

Tutorial made by:


My first post! My custom house in WoW!

Hello guys, and welcome to my blog!

This is my first post, and i really hope you will enjoy what i make.

I hope you can use this blog to learn something, about WoW private servers, since i'll add a lot to this blog, only to help you!

Much more tutorials, guides, how to's and so on, will be added in the future!

Why did i make this blog?

Well, i know a lot about WoW private servers, and i would like to share my knowledge for them, that would like to learn something about it.

Time to show you what i've made, in the upcoming posts i'll learn you how to build houses like i've made mine!

In this video i've made a house using DND Cages.

ID lists will come!

Got a question? Leave me a comment, and i'll answer it!